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Brace yourself for fun!

We have 14 Sporting Clays stations on our course and they’re all Argentina capable! What’s Argentina? Click here to see. Each of our stations are equipped with 4 clay throwers offering you a multitude of diverse angles and good times! So whether you’re a beginner, a hunter, or a National Champ, we have something for everyone.

What makes us different than the other clubs? Great terrain. You’ll be shooting clays that are flying from hilltops, below your feet through canyons and everything in between. And we change the angles every week to keep it interesting.

Where are we?

Located at the Angeles Ranges at 12651 N. Little Tujunga Canyon Road, Sylmar, CA 91342…or Give us a call at (818) 890-4788 for more info.

It’s where you shoot.

Check out this awesome promotional video starring Josey Martin that proves shooting great is more than just ability.

July 2, 2017
July 7, 2017

    Every 1st Friday of the month. Night Shooting Fun Shoot...Bonanza-style! Public Practice is open during event.For more information about The Night Shoot, CLICK HERE!

July 15, 2017

    For more information about The Silver Series, CLICK HERE!

    Public practice opens at 12 noon.

July 16, 2017
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“The place is well thought out, well set up, fun, and challenging.”

Steve Wasco

“We live over an hour away and it’s worth the drive.”

Destiny Carter

“I really like how clean it is. The scenery is very nice.”

Bruce Lindsey

“Great place to shoot! Friendly staff and well organized.”

Jim Wathen

“First time here and let me tell you I really liked it.  I’m definitely coming back.”

Williams S., Yelp


PHONE: 818 890 4788
EMAIL: info@moorenmoore.com
ADDRESS: 12651 N. Little Tujunga Canyon Road, Sylmar, CA 91342