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Big Bonanza Blast

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Sun, April 2nd


100-Target Sporting

One Flight: $45 or $38 club member.
Shoot Both Flights = 2 different courses to shoot.
Includes 2 Mega Stations in the first flight.
Receive 1 drawing ticket with entry.
Cash/Check only.
Start Times: Flight 1 = 8 AM – Flight 2 = 11:30 AM.


50-Target Argentina

$28 Entry Fee
Win Money – $3 back to 3 Lewis Classes
Receive 1 drawing ticket with entry.
Cash/Check only.
Will take place on stations 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 during the 2nd flight.

  • Argentina-2 is a fast-paced game where report pairs are thrown ever 7.5 seconds. Oh yeah, the targets released are randomly selected by the computer. You’ll never get the same round twice. You can learn more details about the Argentina-2 game here.
  • You will receive a ticket for the raffle when you participate.
  • Tip: If you relax, you’ll have plenty of time.


  • For the main event, preview targets are not allowed unless you’re using a Preview Target Card available at registration for $15.00.
  • This event is not an NSCA competition and is purely for the fun of it. Also, it’s for shooters to enjoy a great event at a great price. So have fun and keep it fun for everyone around you.
  • Tip the ladies who are serving the lunch. It’s good Karma for your score.


Every June and December, Pacific Sporting Arms donates a Beretta A400 to be raffled among all of the Big Bonanza Shooters. You can’t get tickets for this event unless you particpate and you’ll receive a ticket(s) at every event you attend. If you get lucky and win your Lewis Class, you’ll get an extra ticket too!

You must be present to win the Beretta A400.


Lunch will be included for this event and you won’t want to miss it. Artisan hot dogs by Dana and Diana. Whether you like spicy or regular, Kraut or Chili, they have it for you. And to top it off, homemade chocolate chip cookies and a surprise dessert that suits the time of the year.


March 26, 2017

    For more information about the Mulligun 400, CLICK HERE!

    Public practice opens at 12 Noon.

April 2, 2017
April 7, 2017

    Every 1st Friday of the month. Night Shooting Fun Shoot...Bonanza-style! Public Practice is open during event.For more information about Big Bonanza Nights, CLICK HERE!

April 8, 2017
  • The Ironman - NSCA

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April 15, 2017

    For more information about The Silver Series, CLICK HERE!

    Public practice opens at 12 noon.