72 Shooters Attend the Big Bonanza Blast

Not exactly the “Big” Bonanza Blast.  I guess we can call it the “Pretty Big” Bonanza Blast this time :) . Who do we have to thank?  Pacific Sporting Arms!  Without Pacific Sporting Arms, the Big Bonanza Blast does not exist!  Please make them your choice when purchasing a new shotgun.  Also, they recently re-designed their website and I have to say… It’s a beauty.  Like their store and their shotgun selection, their website is world-class… Check it out!

I’d also like to thank everyone that attended!  We know the weather was awfully hot and the targets were even hotter. Spicy actually.  If you went hunting instead, we hope your Dove Opener was good a good one.  If it wasn’t so great, remember next year that there’s never a bag limit at Moore N’ Moore, and you won’t have to pretend to like what you’re eating.  If that’s not enough, we’ll even sprinkle steel pellets on your hotdog for ya!