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Like saving money?

Join the club! A membership isn’t required to shoot here, but it sure makes it cheaper.

We have 4 different membership packages that should suit every type of shooter. See the benefits from each package and if you like what you see, pick a membership package and join today. When you join online you’ll be flagged as a member which gives you great discounts both online and off.

TIP: Is it worth it? You’re going to save $10 every 100 targets which is more than the Basic Membership monthly fee. If you’re shooting more than that, you should consider joining the club. Also, be sure to check out the great deals on Fiocchi ammunition that we offer to members only. There’s more to joining than discounted targets…see below.


  • Best bargain!


  • Our most popular!


  • Great for businesses.


  • For NSCA event shooters!