37 Shooters attend!

Hey, not a bad attendance for the first “HOT” shoot of the year.  The temps rose above 100 before the day was over…whew I’m not used to this heat yet.  We brought the cold water back and that will be the plan throughout Summer events at Moore N’ Moore.  Also to keep those barrels cooled off, we’ll be opening up for registration at 7 AM and starting the events at 8 AM starting from July 20 – September 31. 

The scores were hot too with Ed Najar roasted everyone’s hopes of winning with an even 100 with his handicap.  20 Gauge pump seems to be the ticket for Ed.  Great shooting, buddy.   Where are all you hotshot pump shooters?  Let’s go, people.  Ed’s getting comfy on the Fun-Gun throne.

Congratulations to all the big winners too.  Check out these payouts with only 37 people in attendance.  Not too bad!

Cash Payouts

A Class – Ed Najar – $148
B Class – Ken Evans – $111
C Class – Tom Stephenson – $74
D Class – Jeff Crane – $37

Buddy Up Winners:  Dave Drummond and Ed Najar who had a combined score of 179. 

Didn’t get paid?  It’s in the office waiting for you.  Great shooting guys!

Fun Gun Shootout – July 2019


We had cheeseburgers for this event and everyone seemed to love them.  Thanks Diana and Dana for putting together a new menu item.  Loved the fresh veggies and the Mayochup secret sauce!  When asked, everyone unanimously voted to keep the burgers coming for all Fun Gun Shootout events so that’s exactly what we’re going to do.