The Night Shoot – May 5, 2017

New Record!

We had 40 shooters attend this Night Shoot which is a new record for us. Many of which were first-timers. We’d like to welcome you out for more Night Shoots and we hope you had a blast.

Pilla Shooting Glass Rental

This is the second Night Shoot in a row that Mike Dieleman has borrowed my Pillas for the event…AND WON. I’m sure it has nothing to do with him being a great shooter. So now, they’re up for bid before Night Shoot dinners and we’re starting the opening at $50! $100 for NSCA events. Nice shooting Mike. He hit 94% with a 66×70.

Tie Breakers

Station 5 was the Tiebreaker station (since it’s May). Check below to see how everyone shot and what the winners took home in the way of $$ and Ammunition!

Mike Dieleman10588810986694
Bob Nichols778788976187
Aaron Farnsworth10775881066187
Glen Grush868778875984
Bill Rhodes947886885882
Kevin Miles946777975680
Ed Najar807786955071
Rich Xifo974672674868
Dave Murray936652784665
Ryan Hutchins807784754665
Willis Cameron925586564665
Aaron Barnes834785454462
Web Jessup744579624462
Will Dobbins731577764361
Georgia McCaffrey657535754361
Stephanie Najar844456924260
Greg Bahrman753455764260
Tony Aguayo865536634260
John Wilson871724844158
Gary Steiner936444654158
Craig Leck662464674158
Alley Ebner765532743955
Gary Morgan353572673854
Paul Niedermann744374633854
Byant Stanick744422673651
Asher Barnes443632853550
Ron Polanski533732653448
Lenord Young444262563347
Jeanie Nichols444352263042
Elvis Winterbottom353263443042
Dave Glavin000568563042
Sam Gregorian424372522941
Jenny Hutchins071612642738
Rich Ebner631341432535
John Tkach252513252535
Richard Adams502501342028
Jim Mathews321232131724
Tom Brooks300013351521
Lance King100007341521
Chuck Hansen631100001115


Night Shoot Money Winners
Mike Dieleman – A Class – $80
Aaron Barnes – B Class – $60
Alli Ebner – C Class – $40
Sam Gregorian – D Class – $20

Ammo Winners
Willis Cameron – 4 Boxes
Ed Najar – 3 Boxes
Ryan Hutchins – 3 Boxes (2 weeks in a row!)


Thanks to everyone who participated and helped put on this great event. Thanks to my wife Dana who pulled off a great dinner for everyone. There were only 2 chicken legs left and those were hers! Also thanks to Teri Brower for running the office and the scoring. Couldn’t do it without you, Teri!


that Moore N’ Moore is the only place to shoot Sporting Clays at night (on Earth)?  If you’d like to be part of something fun that’s only available locally, make sure to mark your calendar for The Night Shoot. It happens on the first Friday of the month and the next one will be June 2nd. Take note that this event only runs until October and then doesn’t return until April.

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  1. davidt May 27, 2017 at 12:54 pm - Reply

    Hi Cory. I trust all is well with you & your families.
    Thank you for the great prices on the Fiocchi ammo. I have to go to M n’ M to turn in my old target card & receive the new target card. I have not been out that way except for a couple Mondays. Hope to see you soon. Take care, David Takehara

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